Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thought's on Fall

I love fall, it is absolutely my favorite season. I get a special excited kind of feeling that only comes with the fall. Some of it may be that it is the start of the holiday's thru the end of the year, but really, it is so much more than that. Just look around at the colors, they are just so warm, and bright. How can you not love the blend of crimson, yellow and orange on a leaf that has just fallen from a tree. Or the look of a pumpkin field filled with happy little goblin's picking the perfect jack-o-lantern.
The feel of fall is even the best. After a long hot, humid summer, the air starts to dry out, and cool down. Morning's are a beautiful thing, crisp, clear and cool. You can smell the earth and it is good. Afternoons warm up and life is a delight when you can be outdoors, maybe playing in those leaves you just raked into a pile. What child has not had an afternoon of fun throwing leaves up into the air and letting them rain down upon them. Evenings are cozy. Starting a fire, snuggling up with someone you love under a blanket with hot chocolate and cookies. You can wear sweats and just feel so comfortable, warm and snuggled in.
I could go on and on about how clean, crisp and beautiful the air is, but suffice it to say that fall is my favorite and my best, so much so that I got married in the fall. October to be exact. Now I have another reason to be excited about the whole season. Not that I needed any others.
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donald max ream said...

Colie, this is such a comfortable and fun blog to read. I thank you for your time to do these. I know you better than ever when I read these. And I get to look at my beautiful grandkids. Thanks for all the color and fun things about the kids you write and all the thought that goes into it ..Love, MOM