Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jordan's first day of school

Today was another first, Jordan's first day of school, and it did not come soon enough for her!!! Unlike Spencer, Jordan has wanted to go to school since he started last fall. We dropped Spencer off at school, then were on our way, but then got caught by a train. She was mortified, and was afraid that they "would close the doors and not let her in". But alas, we made it with a few minutes to spare, she walked into the building refusing to hold my hand (like mother like daughter from what my mom tells me)went into her room and did not look back. We had to go to her to get a kiss goodbye. Jordan was one little happy camper when she was done. Here she is with her teacher's Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Howard, getting her paperwork and in front of the sign. "Too much sun!!!!" Well done Jordan, I'm proud of you.
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