Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Self Image

On facebook, a friend of mine put the question out there....."What do you love most about your body?" That got me thinking and most of it was negative. I couldn't think of anything I really LIKE about my body let alone LOVE.

Then I read a statement her husband wrote, My feet, because they take me all sorts of wonderful places. My mind for the same reason. My hands, because they allow me to serve. My arms, because they allow me to embrace. My "heart" because it allows me to love. I find it hard to select just one."

Wow, what great and wise words! I then started to rethink the same question and came up with this. I love my arms, for they have held my sweet babies, my hands have fed them and served them. I love my eyes because they have seen my kids grow and bloom, I can see a beautiful sunset or sunrise every day and so much more beauty around me. My fingers hold my wedding rings, my ears hear the crash of an ocean wave onto the beach or the beautiful music that is played, my heart because it is still beating and it can love, my voice sang to my kids when I would rock them. I can go on and on... The fact is, I will never win a beauty contest, Olympic medal, or singing contest, but those things are mine and it is what my family loves about me, so that is good enough.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cheetah or Cheetos?

A funny story about Cheetahs and Cheetos.
My daughter Jordan has a slight speech problem. She says T's for C's, and as such she is going to speech therapy to work on it. The teacher gives her homework to do each week with us, it is usually a list of "C" words to say over and over and use in a sentence.
Last night one of the words was cougar, this is how it went..................

Me--Jordan, say cougar.
Jordan--Cougar,.....what is a cougar?
Me--a cougar is like a cheetah
Jordan--MMmmmm, those are good!
Me---(laughing) No Jordan, not Cheetos, a cheetah, it's like a big cat.

We all had a good laugh over it and it will go down as one of my great memories. Maybe we'll have to call Cheetos cheetahs from now on.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer Fun

Now that summer is over I will taunt you with some summer fun pictures.

This summer the kids decided it would be fun to get on the trampoline while the sprinkler was running.

Oh the fun you can have!

The trampoline was full of water, and it would bounce up every time they came down.