Saturday, May 22, 2010

Indianapolis Zoo

Spencer's class has been studying animals all year, and for the end of the year trip they went to the Indy zoo. They were to pick an animal and check it out, then do a report on it. Spencer picked lizards as his animal, but before we went to the dessert, we checked out the shark petting tank. Even if they are tiny, it is still cool to be able to say that you have petted a shark.

Sea horses and ocean life was fun to look at.

Looking at the Walrus'

Bearded lizards, and pink flamingos.

Lunch with his new shark and back to school. We were so lucky, it was calling for rain, but he sun came out for a hot, sunny great day at the zoo.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate

My little girl, with the little curls has turned 19. Where did the time go, I just don't know. When I asked Kate what theme she wanted for her party she flippantly said a Barbie princess theme. I flippantly went to work on finding all the princess junk I could. What a great time I would have teasing her at the party along with everyone else. Ugghhh, she destroyed my evil plans before I could get them off the ground, when she called back later to say that since she was at Purdue she wanted a Purdue party.
Being a loving mom, I dropped all the pink and tiara's and went for the black and gold.

We had a great time with all the family and a few friends. Kate even got a Purdue pin from her grandparents.

Maybe I can get the Barbie party supplies bought before she changes her mind next year. mwaa ha ha

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All Aboard!

Jordan's school has done a lot of wonderful things this year. Taken trip's to farms, animal hospitals, hatched chicks and butterfly's. However today was an especially exciting day. The Purdue Boilermaker Special came and took them all for a ride. As you can see it is a train, complete with train horn.

Here's my little boilermaker loaded up and ready to go.

Isn't she adorable!

Waiting for the class picture to be taken.

I was the only parent lucky enough to get this shot of my little preschooler in front of the train. Woo
Hoo, yeah for me!
Let me just say, I love her preschool.

Easter egg hunt

When I was a kid we tried to focus on the Saviour and his sacrifice for us, and the resurrection on Easter, however, that does not always happen when all you can think about is what the Easter bunny has brought you and how much candy you can stuff in your mouth. Thankfully the Easter bunny was happy to comply and came on Saturday.
Now that I am grown we have the same tradition, so on Saturday morning my kids got up all sleepy eyed and excited. They were so excited at the eggs that had been left, and thought the bunny was so smart to give some money this year instead of all candy. Spencer was especially excited at how well the eggs had been hidden. "That tricky Easter bunny!" was heard repeatedly.
They also loved the baskets that were left.
On Sunday, we were able to go to church and worship. What a great holiday, I am so thankful for Christ and the greatest gift of all. Everlasting life

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Butterflys are free

Outside our house yesterday. Pretty huh?
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Jordan has a lot of baby dolls that she mothers in such a wonderful and good way. She treats each of them just like a real baby, for that is what they are to her. So the other day when my niece came over with her baby, Jordan had a ball. Getting to hold Amelia was the greatest thing in the world.
I love it that my girls can be close to their cousin and now a second generation of cousins.
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By the way, this is how my arm looked when I got home from the hospital. Can you say OUCH?
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Can you guess what this is?

Yesterday the kids cousins were over, and of course the Easter chalk came out and all sorts of pictures appeared on our patio. It is easy to see what the kids are into. Spencer drew "The Tangler" from Battle Force 5.
Logan drew his beloved 53 from Herbie. Cool
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