Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome World!

I have a neato (yes that's a technical term) widget that let's me know, when someone visits my blog what country they are from. Until now, it just went by the wayside. That is until I realized that I wanted to keep track of all the countries. So for now, since they will not actually be listed on my neato newest widget, I will list the countries that have visited. Just for the fun of it. In no particular order................
New Zealand
Hong Kong-China
Saudi Arabia
Great Britain
If I have shown my geographical ignorance by inadvertently listing a country twice by calling it two different names I am sorry.
Maybe I am just impressed by little things, but I think it is so cool that we can reach out to the world like this. Welcome one and all to by little blog. I hope you enjoy it, and come back often.

Fun at the mall

I had a great day yesterday. I had asked for and received a gift card to bath and body works, so to town I went to cash in on the big sale. I love the scent white tea and ginger, and they only have it in the after Christmas sale, so I have to stock up for the whole year then.
Kate, Jordan and I went and met my SIL Gigi at Panda express for a yummy lunch.You cant go wrong with orange chicken and some crab ragoons.
Then we went to Old Navy to cash in on the 60% off sale. Jordan really needs jeans. Or should I say needed. I bought her several pairs that should last a while. Kate got a couple of things too.
Bath and Body Works was INSANE as it always is when they have sales. A couple more places and we were all ready to go home, to a great dinner. I am beginning to wonder if I am going to start actually liking the mall and shopping. Heaven help me.
Oh, and yes, I did stop by Sonic for a honkin hugh 44 oz strawberry real fruit slushy. Feel the love.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kate's Christmas

Kate did not get a lot this Christmas, but she got BIG. She has been asking for a violin for years, and since she is not in orchestra at school any more, we got her one. She was so happy that she cryed. Yippeeeeee! I think she is happy. We also got her a Twilight apron which she loves and can take to BYU-I with her. If she didn't want it, I was going to keep it. Darn! She loved it. Some BYU-I stuff I ordered came the day before. Wheewwww. I was sweating that one. Merry Christmas Kate! You can think of us now every time you play.....and cook........and write in your tablet at college.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tornado Warning!

The weather has been really random lately. Last week it was snowing and icing all over the place. Then it rained and washed away all the snow. Now today we had a temperature of 66* How weird is that!! Now a cold front is coming thru, and you know what that means, storms, BIG STORMS.
I was fixing dinner and the tornado sirens went off in town. (Thank goodness we can hear them out here.) We checked and boy was it heading this way. Well, not a tornado, but the tornado causing weather. My poor little boy came into the kitchen as the stormed RAGED outside and said he was really worried. "Really worried, I'm gong to cry!" and he proceeded to do just that. Poor kid, I held him and told him it would be all right. This is hard for me as I am TERRIFIED of big storms and tornado's myself! So we had a family prayer, prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. We made it thru dinner, and the storm passed. All is well. Thank heavens for prayer and faith.
I must say before dinner it was so nice out today. We played like it was the first day of spring, which is exactly what it felt like. We jumped on the trampoline, played baseball, and on the swing set. Then took down the trampoline, outside Christmas lights, and just generally opened up the house and enjoyed the warm flowing air. No coats needed. What a perfect winter day :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jordan's Christmas Program

Jordan had her preschool Christmas program last Monday night. It was so gosh darn cute! Here she is in her class room before the program. She wore her cute little Santa tights, with her red velvet dress.
Singing in the Sanctuary. They sang about six or seven songs about Christmas and all the parents snapped away with their camera's, as it sure did make us proud. The program was a really nice one. The pastor of the church read the Christmas story from the bible and the kids sang songs to go along with it, in between verses and such. What a good way to bring the Christmas spirit into the family. The snow was on the ground, and even though it was icing up the cars and everything else outside, we sure are glad we went.

Strawberries-My new obsession

Lately I cannot get enough of strawberries, since the summer really. This strange phenomenon is confusing the heck out of my husband, because I am choosing strawberries over chocolate even. He will offer me a chocolate bar in the grocery and I will refuse! to which he says "Who are you, and what have you done with my wife?" Chocolate lately has been "heavy" and I just prefer something "light" like a tasty strawberry.
So my new obsession is leading me to new things that I LOVE , namely, Chex strawberry cereal, and strawberry real fruit slushies from Sonic. I don't even eat cereal! but since I cant get enough of the little red tasty fruits that aren't in season, Chex does the trick. The problem with the slushies is 1- It's like -30* wind chill out side and 2- I have to drive 30 miles to get one! So I don't get them often, but when I am in town I will stop for one, usually between 2-4 pm because drinks are half price then. Gotta love a good deal, and saving money. Of course this causes me to have to pee like a race horse the rest of the day, but hey it's worth it. (TMI? Sorry)
So as long as strawberries are my flavor of the day, Sonic, Chex and I will be best friends.
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Kitty the Crazy Cat

Have I told you that our cat, Kitty is one crazy cat. Yeah, thought so. We bought her a scratching post to keep her from tearing up the carpet on the stairs. Do you think she will use it, of course AS A PILLOW! However, she will not use it for it's intended purpose.
And her eating habits, oh my gosh! Not only will she eat fruit snacks, fruit, and flies, she also seems to love, lettuce, tomatoes and popcorn. But don't think of giving her real meat, as in chicken, or turkey. No way, she turns her head away with that cute little nose upturned. What a weird cat.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fused Glass Bowl

This is so cool you have to look at it. I made this fused glass bowl at my favorite glass and pottery shop. Really, it's the only one I know of around here, but that sounded good.
This is called tack fusing and it is really easy to do. So easy in fact that I think I want to try full fusing next. With full fusing you just add another piece of glass on top, fire it at a higher temperature and viola, you have a smooth piece that is beautiful.
I am having so much fun with this that I want to do about a dozen more pieces. I have more ideas than I have the money to make them. Want to hire me to make you something cool, or beautiful? You get a great piece, and I get to have a creative outlet. Win Win :)
I took the pictures a couple of different ways trying to figure out which way is up. I think I like it this way the best. What do you think?
I hope my BFF Samantha will like it, it is her Christmas present. Shhhhh don't tell her.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kate's Dream has come True!!!

Today my baby was accepted to BYU Idaho!! Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!
We are just so excited, happy and so very very proud of her. Kate is just bringing so many happy tears to my eyes. And let's face it, some sad tears too when I think of her leaving in the fall. :(

We received an email stating a decision had been made. Kate's hands shook a little as she brought up the page. Then we both screamed, clapped and cheered as we saw the words, "Congratulations, We are pleased........."

You just can't wipe the smile off of her face, or mine.
We then started calling everyone. First Dad, then Grandparents, and so on. Of course in this day and age you can multi-task which she did by texting cousins in Utah at the same time as calling the G-parents.
Kate has been accepted to Ball State in Indiana, and SVU in Virginia, but has chosen to go to BYU-I. Way to go Kate.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Look Ma, No Hands!

My kids got balloons at a birthday party this weekend, and Spencer is learning about static electricity with them. He loves putting them on the walls, and throwing them on the ceiling and watching them stick. He is getting the biggest kick out of it. Last night Spencer called me to the kitchen and showed me that the balloon was sticking to his head. How fun.

Jordan, the clown, attention hog, camera ham, and generally one not to be outdone by her brother tried to be cute even though she did not quite figure the whole static thing out yet.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Sky is on Fire

Tonight's sunset was BEAUTIFUL!! Just look at all the vivid, bright neon colors in the sky. Makes me glad to just be alive and blessed with eyesight.
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Fused Glass Ornaments

Dying to do something creative, I decided to take a class on fusing glass. I can make something for my BFF Samantha for c-mas that is different, and unique. Shhhh, don't tell her though.
Plus I can go back and do something for me too, how great is that!
I talked my Sister-in-law Gigi into going with me, because she is ultra creative, and let's face it, who wants to go to a class alone. So the first stop was at Sonic to get Strawberry real fruit slushies. YUM!!! And then on to class. As it turns out, we were the only two in the entire class. Cool, more personal attention for us!
First we made Christmas tree's, and it is surprisingly easy to do. The red garland is like spaghetti, and I was able to melt it in a candle flame enough to bend it. Playing with fire is cool. The method used for these two ornaments is called tack fusing. Next we made snowflakes. We ran out of time and did not get our pinwheel's done though.
Next I think I will do some complete fusing for my BFF. Wish me luck! I had so much fun.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Funny thing happened in the BIG CITY

I'm like the John Mellencamp song...I was born in a small town, and I live in a small town. Really I mean SMALL. The town I grew up in had only 650 people in it, I live in a town of only about 18,000 people now.
It does have it's advantages. People know each other, were friendly, low crime rate, you know where everything is, and how to get there. you get the idea.
It also has some disadvantages. Like the fact that I AM A BIG CHICKEN ABOUT DRIVING IN BIG CITY TRAFFIC! It scares me to death. I dont know where anything is, and I dont know where I am going. I am just sure I will get lost, mugged, get in an accident, die. Panic attack coming on. Calm...Calm..... Breath, relax.
So today, my wonderful husband asked me to drive to Indianapolis, yeah Indy, to get some supplies for the business. Calm...calm......
After fighting the gps to get directions, and losing the battle,technology hates me. I printed out a map with directions. I can do this right?!?!?!? Breath, I wont die. I start out. Of course in a half panicy state because I am going to INDY and Lee said to go a different way than the directions. "it's shorter." I am an intelligent woman, I can figure out which way to go when I get there, Man up!
I made it, right up to the last 370 feet to be exact. There was some construction after the exit and I missed my turn into the business exactly 370 feet from the turn. OF COURSE I did not realize this at the time and kept driving. looking for the stupid ROAD the map said to turn onto!
Just as my bladder was past the EXPLODING point, and I decided to turn into Aldi's for a much hated public bathroom stop. cop behind me, no big deal.
Make turn head for bathroom, Oh crap!!!! The cop has his lights on and siren's for me to stop!! Holy crap what did I do?????????? I used my turn signal. Was that not a turn lane???? Surely it was ok, he did it, right??????? quick grab the directions and look at them, maybe he'll realize I am not native and give me a break for my stupidity.

"Hello Officer." Smile, blink blink bat bat bat, thank heavens my lashes are thick, long and lush thanks to my cover girl lash blast mascara I wore today.
"May I see your license and prooof of purchase please?" Crap where is that thing? Breath...breath......relax.......
"Is this it?
"Yes" He walked back to his car. Holy crap, now I'm going to get a ticket, and my husband will laugh his head off at the end of my perfect record.
"Your temporary tag looks like it has been altered, but the paper work says it is correct, the dealer must not have filled it out properly." Stupid dealer, you mean I almost had a heart attack AND almost pee'd my pants over your stupid mistake!!!!!!!! relax......calm down.......
"oh, ok, well in that case, can you help me find where I am going?" smile...bat bat blink blink
Oh well, at least he was nice, gave me directions, and my perfect record is still perfect.
What an adventure, I got to see all kinds of nice big City people, saw homeless people begging for money, ya dont see that in a small town. Maybe I can come back again sometime. I can do this.
Maybe not.

Friday, December 5, 2008

November Blessings

*A "new" van
*the election commercials are finally gone!
*A wonderful preschool for my youngest daughter
*Healthy children
*Puffs with Vicks and ANTIBIOTICS
*Being friends with my BFF Samantha or 18 years
*Finding old friends thru blogging
*Family Traditions ie...going for a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

Drive to your favorite tree place, a real tree farm, not some grocery where they were cut a month ago.
Take a hay ride out to the tree field, hold on tight and cover up with the quilts provided.

Wander aimlessly while each person finds one that they like the best, and try to convince Mom and Dad that theirs is the one to get.

Look cute so Mom can take your picture for her blog.

Measure tree to make sure it is not taller than your ceilings. **Note** This step is VERY important.

Next, mark your tree with something such as a leaf so you can find your way back to it in the plethora of trees. Or better yet, stand guard, so no one else will claim it as theirs. Look mean, and growl if necessary.

After tree is cut, load up onto cart, and pull it back to the haywagon.

Take cold hayride back, remember to cover up. Sing Christmas carols. (optional)

Look cute again for Mom's blog.

Have a big strong man around to unload and carry in said perfect Christmas tree.

Put into the stand, tighten the bolts. Make sure it's straight.

Cut the cords.

Have Mom put on 1200 lights. (Note, if Mom doesn't take the picture, no one will) then get behind tree and admire those lights on the perfect Christmas tree you helped pick out. Oh...And don't forget to water the poor thing. Every morning and night will keep it going until New Years Day. Trust me on this one...