Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spencer's first day of school

Well, the highly anticipated and somewhat dreaded first day of school has come and gone. And to answer your question, yes I did cry much more than Spencer, ok a lot more seeing as he did not cry at all! As we were walking out the door, I felt the tears starting to well up, but was holding them back for his sake and what did he say? huh...."Hurry up Mom!!!" That about tells you what he had problems with...NOTHING! Thank heavens for that!!!!
We had gone to the open house Thursday night and found out who his teacher was, met him, took a look around the classroom, found his cubby hole for his backpack, and all important to Spencer "Where is the pencil sharpener?" So thankfully that changed his mind about school, and he was ready to go.
When we got to school, he lined up to wait for the teacher to come and take the class back to their room. He was just so big and brave. When I asked if he needed me to come to the room with him, or ok to just leave, he said "You can just leave Mom." That almost started a fresh round of tears.Well, Mr. King came and since Spencer was first in line he got to hold his hand on the way to the classroom. Mr. King asked that the parents come with the kids, he had a little something for us at the room. When we got there, he had a poem about leaving our kids with him and how he would take care of them like his own (Fresh round of tears) and on the back of the paper was a baggy with Kleenex's and chocolate kisses. What a great teacher to think of us poor mom's leaving our babies for the first time in a big way. One mom I talked to said she wasn't going to cry, just throw up. Anyway, Spencer went right into the room put his backpack away, and found his seat. No fuss, no muss he didn't even seem to notice I was there at that point. The bus ride home was fun a it could be, Kate was there and he drew her a picture.
Spencer came home all smiles, and full of fun stories of art, the library how he and a girl named Katie got stickers and no one else did because he was so good. This all brings happy smiles and tears to me. I am so glad that he loves school and can't wait to go back, but where in the heck did my little 5 pound baby go that has always been so dependent on me? Circle of life I guess, if I raise him right, then he will go out into the world and make his own way.......but not today. Today I will hold him before I send him into school, today, he is still my little boy.
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