Monday, September 22, 2008

Kate's new car

Kate has taken another step into adulthood. A new car!!!!! At least new for her. We found this car and immediately loved it. It is a 91 geo Prizm, and it is the cutest little thing. First I test drove it with D and had him look it over, it passed that first test with flying colors (Lee was in Washington DC) then came the real test, Lee came home and test drove it, gave it the once over and decided it was a pretty good little car for the price. Lee and I paid for it, got the plates, then went to school to pick Kate up. Lee parked in the lot and I drove up to the school to get her. She didn't suspect anything. I drove out to the parking lot and she asked why we were coming this way, and I told her that I needed to check on something. When she saw her dad in the car, her jaw about hit the floor. It took a while for it to sink in and for her to get excited, but it did happen. Kate got to come home and start cleaning out the car, it is pretty dirty inside and has been smoked in, but hey it is her's and she can drive herself to school, work and anything else she needs now. Congratulations Kate, have fun, be safe. We love you.
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