Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's all fun and games, until somebody gets hurt.

When I was about 12 or so, my grandparents gave me a pogo stick for Christmas. I had been wanting one and I loved that thing. I worked and worked until I could go like crazy. I eventually learned to jump with not only one hand, but then with no hands. Trust me, on a pogo stick, that takes real talent. My brother and I both had a ball on it. He was much braver than I and would go up and down stairs.

A few years ago, we got Kate one too. She did not really get into it, so Lee and I have spent some time on it having fun.

Well, last week the little kids and I went for a walk on a most beautiful of spring days. The sun was out it was warm yet still cool enough to enjoy a brisk walk. We were at it for about 45 min. When we got home, the kids wanted to have a try at the pogo stick. Of course they do not weight enough to be able to actually jump, so they wanted me to show them how it is done.

Still being a teenager at heart I of course was happy to comply. I had the best time, jumping in circles, being a cowboy with my arm flying around like I was on a bucking broncho. I felt young again. The kids were smiling and laughing, and so was I.......

Until later that night when I realized that I re injured my ankle/foot. My friend who is a nurse said that I probably pulled a tendon loose taking with it a chip of the bone. OUCH! I have spent a while on crushes, and am now down to a cane. I hate this my kids were on spring break last week, and I couldn't do anything.
I realize that I am no a teenager anymore. I am a full grown adult who has to start watching what I do.

I don't think I like this aging thing.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Guess who can ride a bike without training wheels!........


The other night his cousin Logan called up to say that "Spencer was a slacker because he,(Logan) can ride a bike without training wheels."
Well, not to be outdone, Spencer said that he wanted to learn. FINALLY! We have been trying to get him to learn, but he has been to afraid. I guess a little competitive nature can do wonders. Yesterday, we went out and tried and within 5 min. he was up and going. He needs some more practice to be really comfortable, and he still has a hard time getting going, but he is and that is what is so important. Spencer could not be more proud of himself, and I am of him. Hey Logan, it only took 5 min, not an hour that it took you! ha ha ha

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spencer, such a ladies man.......a boy.

Last year in pre-school Spencer hooked up with a little girl from almost the first day. They were best chum's from that point on. Her name is Kaitlin, and they played together every day. It did not matter who joined their little group, they welcomed others, but they were never separated. Close to the end of the year, she drew him a picture with just her and him and some hearts. I knew what was coming..... yes, in a few days she asked Spencer to be her boyfriend. I must say that I was thrilled that my little boy had a little girls heart. It was cute and innocent so I wasn't worried about it.
Now that he is in kindergarten he still seems to have the charm, looks and grace to capture a little girls heart.......or two, or three. At the first of the school year, he liked Madeline, now however it seems that a little girl named Stevie likes him. Once again evidenced by her picture to him. Stevie drew this first picture of my little ladies man and herself. A pretty good drawing if you ask me. Note the hearts once again, and.......

they are each thinking loving thoughts. this is so gosh darn cute. I can say that, it is only kindergarten.

The other day, he brought home yet another picture by yet another little girl. Brisa is her name and yes, there are hearts in her picture too, along with a frog. I guess she knows what little boys like. Other girls have been giving him heart shaped candy and gum. This is really getting humorous. I just hope he can get a good girl to date when he is older.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Lee!

Last Thursday was my dear sweet husband's birthday. Unfortunately, he was up in Chicago working all day long. So Sunday we had a part surprise birthday party for him. I say part, because he knew I was having a party with the family invited, but he did not know I also invited everyone else from church.
I made "horse duvers".....stuffed mushrooms, spinach dip in a sour dough bowl, pretzels, queso and chips. And for the sweet tooth, two kinds of cupcakes, cherry pie, and chocolate pie. One dear lady from church made Lee an apple pie knowing it is his favorite.
We sang Happy Birthday over cupcakes with sparkler candles in them which re-lit themselves. What an extra surprise. Lee was so happy and had a wonderful time. And as you can see, the "force" was with us. We just had so much fun. Happy birthday honey, I sure do love you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pay It Forward

Something fun to do. Pay it forward, and here's how it works. The first three people to leave a comment and say they want to participate will receive some time in the next year a gift from me. You have to commit to send three people gifts from you within the next year, and follow through. It's easy, fun and what a way to brighten some one's day.
Now there is no guarantee that you will like my gift to you, but I will try to make it something everyone would like.
So sign up, and watch your mailbox.