Friday, September 26, 2008

Our cat the dog

Did I mention that we have a cat? Oh, but we do. Now that we no longer have two cockatiel's (sp?) we can now have a cat. She followed the kids home one day last year and never left, so now she sleep's with my man and I at the foot of our bed. Kitty is a very funny cat to us, funny in that she is very amusing to watch as she catches bug's, chases bird's with no luck, and runs from Jordan whenever she comes to near her. The thing we like the most is that she is amusing like a dog can be. Kitty loves to chase her own tail, she just spins around and around. She rides in our truck sometimes, but the most doggish thing she did was just the other day. I was with her in the spare front bedroom, and Kitty heard a truck. She growled. She actually GROWLED!!! It was the FedEx truck and when it turned into our drive, Kitty let out a huge growl and took off to the front door. I'm surprised that she did not start barking. I had no idea that cat's could or would growl at something, but our little dog, I mean cat did. By the way, did I mention how much she loves fruit snacks? Weird cat.
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