Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 little kittens have lost their mittens

A funny thing happened on the way to slumber land the other night. Our cat Callie came up at about 12:45 am and was very insistent that I come and help her have her babies. I'm not kidding, she jumped up on me and kept turning around in circles and making this weird noise that I have never heard a cat make before. When I wouldn't get up, she would go to the door, make her noise, meow a few times and jump back up on me and start over again until I got the message and followed her downstairs to the closet I had set up and she picked to deliver in.

Callie labored and the first baby was born about 2:15 am, the last being born about 3:50. Five beautiful little kittens! I just sat there and petted her and kept talking to her, and helped where I could. She is a good mommy and of course we cant keep our hands off of the little cuties. It will definitely be hard to give them away in a couple of months, but I don't want to turn into crazy old cat lady for at least another 20 years.

2nd born.

4th born

5th born

All of the little ones.
If you look closely you can see all five heads nuzzled together. We are having a lot of fun with this. What a great experience. By the way they were born on April 20th.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time tends to repeat itself...

When my brother Craig and I were little, we thought we would trick our parents. We switched pajamas, put on hats and sunglasses so our parents could not tell the difference between our hair and eyes, and thought we were just so funny. Of course we did not fool anyone, but we had a good time.
Tonight, my little kids seem to be repeating history. I came up the stairs and here they were. She had on his Jammie's, slippers and hat and he had on her hat and shoes. What a funny sight they were. Of course, they also thought they were just too funny. The laughing and giggling that followed was good for the heart and mind.
Here they are being "teenager boys". I guess that means putting your arm in the air and giggling.
What a cute pair they are. I love it when they actually get along and play well together.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Missing our Missy Kitty

What's missing from the second picture?

Our dear sweet Missy Kitty was hit by a car on Saturday night. Thankfully she died instantly, but we are heartbroken.
She had just turned 2 years old in March, and had been with us for a year and a half, after following the kids home from the pond behind the house. Kitty was a funny little thing, who loved cat nip, and chased her tail like a dog. We called her a jaguar as she would get down and ready to spring on an unsuspecting leaf outside. We sure will miss her.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married.....

Look at this charming cute little face. It's a face you could just fall in love with, and that is what has happened, twice over.
If you read my post about Spencer's two girl friends then this will come as no surprise.
Stevie has given Spencer another two "love pictures". I can only find one, but I did take a picture of the envelope she made to put one of them in.

Let's face it, the girl has talent. Unfortunately, my boy is bound to be a heart breaker. Today he told me that Stevie is no longer his girlfriend. "He and Makenna have decided to get married." This said in all honesty and seriousness. It is just way too cute. I hope poor little Stevie can get over him, your first love is always the one you never forget.