Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spencer's first Sacrament Talk

Last Sunday, Spencer gave his first talk in church. In Sacrament meeting no less!! Being the Sunday before Thanksgiving, his talk was on what he was thankful for. Grandpa Ream sat down with him, while we were out watching Twilight and went over his list, then came up with the paper for him to give his talk. Just as he did when I was a kid, Dad made pictures to prompt us of what we wanted to say.
Spencer did GREAT!!!!!. He walked right up there and gave his talk with no problems or hesitations. I was so proud.
As you can see, he is thankful for Cats, because he can play with them. Clothes to keep him warm. Friends who he can like and play with. Dad and Mom who love him, provide him with a home to live in, bed to sleep in and good food to eat. A family who loves him, and he can love them too, and for God who answers our prayers.
I think this is just great, especially for a 6 year old. Way to go Spencer, keep up the good work.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Kate's Last Orchestra Concert

Last Tuesday was Kate's last orchestra concert. It is a sad thing for me that she will be out of orchestra and wont be playing her violin at school anymore. She has been playing since the 5th grade, and her teacher Miss Priest has been such a great teacher and influence, we will also miss her. She is so patient with these little 10 YO's and gets them to do great things.
The orchestra played 3 songs, and when the first few notes came out, we kind of had an intake of air as the sound was so beautiful. She has come a long way from the squeaky start so many years ago. My mom and I both just said "wow!"
Afterward we went to Dairy Queen for a special treat. It was a great evening.
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Twilight--the Movie

This weekend I went with Lee and Kate to go see the much anticipated and highly exciting Movie TWILIGHT. I just LOVE the books as does everybody else, and I did like the movie. That being said, I must say that I was disappointed in it.Of course no movie ever lives up to a book that you love, but it seemed kind of cheesy in certain points, and I don't know it just didn't do it for me. I'm sure we will still buy it when it comes out, Kate will make sure of that, but I don't think I will pay to see it again in the theatre. I still love Twilight, and Edward.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Twilight Time

I know I have just over a day now, just look at the counter over there on the left, but I can't hardly stand it. Come on Bella gets to forks already and get the show on the road.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kate, A marvelous work and wonder

I am so proud of my little senior. Not only is she working her butt off by taking all honors and AP classes, but she is getting A's. She is applying to colleges, and has them calling
her to give her scholarships. Her HS had a group go to the middle school and give a talk to the 6th graders about HS do and donts etc....they asked Kate to be one of the group. It is not only her hard work in HS that I see but so many things she is doing lately makes me realize what a grown up kid she is. Not only is she mature, way mature for her age, but she is good at making shy people feel needed, she's wonderful with kids. I don't know, I'm not good with expressing what I see in her, but she has really grown into a wonderful caring woman. I like the person she is, and see great potential for the person she will soon become.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Proof that Budda Bellies are best for sleep



Here are Lee and Jordan back in 2004. She is only 4 weeks old or so, and sound asleep on his budda belly. Need I say more?
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Friday, November 14, 2008

New Blog, Recipes, Give Aways, Check it Out!!

I have started a new blog to share recipes, and maybe do some giveaways. I have one recipe up now, and will add 2-3 per week. These recipes are home tested and YUMMY! Some will be main dishes, some breakfast, lunch or dinner. I really hope you will check it out, and try some of the dishes. Let me know how you like them. Or email with your favorite recipe and I will try it and maybe feature it.
email me with recipes only @
Check out the new site at

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Impromptu concert

Last Saturday as we were at Wal*mart waiting to have the oil changed in the van, we decided to cruise through the Christmas section. The kids had a ball. In fact they found some bells and started ringing them and singing Jingle Bells. Much to the delight of some fellow shoppers. It was so cute, and I am just amazed that they remembered the words from last year. What a way to get into the spirit of things, even if it is too early yet.
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Jordan the Hair dresser

As I was working in the office today, Jordan came to with a handful of hair and innocently said, "Mommy my hair fell out." I immediately freaked out, because it is finally growing out again after cutting 13 inches off of it a year ago. This caused her to start crying and go to the time out spot without being told to. I didn't care much, I was upset, and coming up with a plan at how we can salvage this without having to chop off all of her hair. Later she told me she cut it because it was getting in her face. Oh the joys of motherhood!
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Tip Junkie give away

The tip junkie is having the 12 days of Christmas and is giving away things to 2 people each day. the stuff she gives away is made by women. Check it out and maybe you can win something for youself for Christmas.


My Uncle Steve is laying in a hospital right now on life support waiting on his daughter to get to Arizona to say goodbye before they take him off and let him pass. This makes me very sad. Not so much because I will miss my Uncle, I have not seen him in twenty years, it is because it is another piece of my childhood gone.
The childhood that I have been missing so much lately, the days filled with nothing but fun, a few chores, laughter, love and general happiness. When all was right with the world, and I did not have a worry in that world, at least not any more than what I was fighting with my older brother about. As I have written before, growing up in the late 60's and early 70's, was a different time. A time when it was safe to go about but I will not speak of that now. What I will speak of is the family time spent with my mom's side of the family, including Uncle Steve. He was married to the first of three wives back then, Betty. They had three kids. My Aunt Jackie and her husband Jim had two. It was so much fun to get together with the whole family for the holidays and other occasions and play with my cousins. I learned to wrestle and play rough like a boy being one of only two girls in the group. I remember being at my grandparents house and my Uncle Steve came through the door with Tracy, my cousin. She had a stuffed Eeyore that she took with her everywhere. Christmas eve's spent there opening presents, having dinner. Easter egg hunts, laughter, so many good memories. I cannot describe the feelings of peace and happiness it gives me to remember all of it.
Years later Steve and Betty divorced. Steve then married Marsha, had another cousin, Ashley. Then they divorced, and he married Melanie, and had two more cousins. Jim and Jackie divorced. The whole family was different................wrong. It wasn't the same carefree fun filled family anymore. It was changed, I was changed, my eyes were opened.
So even though I have a wonderful life, great husband and happy carefree little children I miss those days, and Steve is just another reminder of what is gone.

However, as I write this I realize that I need to stop longing for those feelings of happiness and security in the past, and enjoy the happiness I have right now with my own family. So I guess I will just focus on where I am now and what I have, and make the life of my children as great as my parents did for me. I want them to grow up happy, full of laughter and hopes for a bright future. And I will take my joy from this, because I am happy and years from now I will think of this time with my hubby and kids just like I am now thinking of my childhood.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday Baker Blog

I found another great blog site, she has tons of great recipes, and some giveaways. Today she is giving away a beautiful clutch. check it out. I know I will be trying her recipies.

Recipe- Penne w/Chicken Strips & Broccoli

Don't you just love a yummy home cooked dinner that tastes like you went out to a restaurant? Boy I do, and this one is it! Add a salad and some garlic bread and you will think you were at your favorite Italian joint. Now I like to change things up a little, so instead of putting exact amounts I just wing it. Go with it.

Oil & butter
3 boneless chicken breast
salt & pepper to taste
garlic powder/ or 1 clove garlic peeled and minced
3/4 lb penne
4 C. broccoli FLORETS
1C grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 C BUTTER ( not margarine, that will taste yucky)

In large pot bring 5 Quarts of water to a rolling boil, and add pasta. Cook till al denta. when done Reserve 1 cup of water (Very important)
Cut chicken into strips. Heat some oil and butter in a skillet. In a large Ziploc bag, add flour and pepper, then add chicken to coat, shake off excess. Immediately place in hot skillet. Lightly brown on both sides, Stir in garlic but do not let garlic brown. Cover and keep warm.
Steam or Microwave broccoli until tender yet still a little crisp. When all has been cooked, mix gently in a large bowl.
Make sauce by melting 1/2 C butter, add Parmesan cheese and the cup of water from the pasta. Stir together, then pour over the rest and stir gently to not break up the broccoli. Serve with additional cheese.
This is a family favorite, even the kids LOVE it. The picture above was taken after we had devoured most of it. And as the old commercial said....."Try it you'll like it!"

Please leave a comment and let me know how you liked it.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Spencer's 6th Birthday

Back in October, yes I said October that is how far behind I am, Spencer celebrated his 6th birthday. He had a wonderful time with the cousins during his party on Sunday. Here he is driving them around in his "new" Chevy Silverado. He also drove around Carly, and Jordan. He is actually pretty good at driving that thing. A lot better than he was when Logan got his last fall. Craig and Gigi's neighbor still have a dent in their garage door from his inexperienced driving abilities. Now he can back up like a pro.
The theme was Speed Racer this year, and his cake went along with that theme. I was sicker than sick, so the cake was not near as nice and fancy as I had planned, but he was happy with it, and that is all that matters.
Uncle Craig and Aunt Gigi and their kids introduced him to transformers, and now he is a big fan. Thanks to all who came and made it a great birthday for Spencer.
Happy Birthday Spencer, we sure do love you.
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I've Been Bitten By A Vampire

If you cant tell by the new look of my blog, I'm a complete Twilighter at heart. I am addicted to the Twilight books and cant wait until the movie comes out. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! The commercials on tv are killing me, I cant wait!!!
I have even gotten Lee hooked, he loves the books too, and is about the finish the third one. As he reads he shares what he is finding funny. The sad thing is, I cant remember a lot of what he is relating to me, I guess that is not so sad, I guess I'll just have to re-read all the books. Oh Darn :)
Thanks for getting me hooked on these Kate.......Best thing ever!

Friday, November 7, 2008

the Pink Cupcake

I found a blog site that is having a great give away. Dont you just love those kind of sites!! This one is called the Pink Cupcake, and I have a link on my sidebar, check it out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Use the Force, Luke

Long ago in a galaxy far far away,
ok, maybe Detroit 2001
The force
union local UAW 251 in between breaks and lunch
was used to create a superior machine.
A Chevy Silverado Z71
This machine was taught the ways of the force, then sent out into the galaxy
to shuttle the human masses to and fro
Lee to work around the Midwest
It was a hard working machine, but soon became tired and worn
371952 miles
and needed a little extra help to keep it running.
Jedi Master Lee using the force (At least that's what John and D say he uses to keep it going)
And so the machine was retired from active duty
Now just carting the kids and I to church, school and walmart
But still is a beloved, and famous part of the force.
Our family and anyone who finds out how many miles are on that thing
And so, like the energizer bunny, it keeps going, and going, and going....
Knock on wood
knock knock..............
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Boy that feels better

I did something very unlike myself today, and boy was it nice.
My day however did not start out nice. I have felt upset, fed-up and every kind of other bad up out there today. So I counted the hours.......... minutes....................seconds until my little squabbling rugrats were dropped off at school and I went out to lunch...BY MYSELF!!! I never do that. And to top it off, I then went Christmas shopping and spent a ton of money on gifts for the nieces, nephews, and yes even the squabbling rugrats. Boy do I feel better, which is weird because I usually don't like shopping, don't like spending money, etc......but this was nice. Maybe it's because I know we have the money in a Christmas club account tucked away at our local credit union, or maybe it's just because I did not have to hear yelling, fighting and general, well...squabbling!
Do you think I could ship the squabbling rugrats off to boarding school on a measly Christmas club savings? ;) JK

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

October Blessings

*My Husband and Kids
*Celebrating our 12th anniversary
*Celebrating birthday's-- Spencer's 6 and my Dads 73
*Driving to fast and not getting caught
*New tv season--Fringe, Ugly Betty, Pushing Daisies
*The beautiful fall colors
*Smart kids, and great report cards
*Substitute teaching "job"
*Cooler weather
*Halloween fun and trick or treating
* A truck that still runs great with 372000 miles on it