Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Woman of the Clan, Mostly

My niece Bethaney came home for a visit so the woman of the clan got together for lunch at the Olive Garden. One of my favorite restaurants by the way. Kate really enjoyed being with two of the three older cousins again.

Outside after lunch. We were only missing 7 of us, one being my Jordan girl who was in school. Wish they all could have been with us. It was such a nice visit.

Spencer's Thanksgiving Card

My son Spencer is in his 2nd year of Chinese class at school, he started in the second grade.
This year in that class, he made me a Thanksgiving card. The front of the card says,( in Chinese) Happy Thanksgiving. With a turkey on a platter with a knife pointing to it. The turkey is thinking "uh oh!"

On the inside is a live turkey saying, "do not eat me plea...!!" Notice the arrows coming in at the turkey. Then on the other side the turkey is on the platter and saying, "oh well, can you pass the cranberry sauce?" It also says in Chinese, I'm thankful for mama.

The back has the turkey on a platter and a pumpkin.

No offence to the vegetarians, but I think this card is not only sweet, but hilarious. The turkey is very well drawn. I love this card and will keep it forever.

Down Thru The Generations

My daughter Kate called me up the other day saying she needed to make some pumpkin pies for a dinner they were having at the newspaper where she works on campus. Not only did that make me happy that she wanted to learn but it got me thinking. My mom tells the story of when she learned to make pie crust.

She wanted to be able to make good, flaky pie crust so she took the ingredients and went to her grandma who had had a pie shop in Indianapolis many years before. They made batch after batch of pie crust until she could make it like her grandma.

When I was a teenager, she decided it was time for me to also learn the long lost art of flaky goodness. So I learned, much to the delight of my pie loving husband, and now it is time for me to pass on years of experience down to my oldest daughter.

It makes me happy that I am in a long line of pie makers, and it also makes me happy to think that my great grandma is looking down and smiling because her skills, knowledge and love of a good pie have been passed on many years after she has been gone. My youngest daughter Jordan watches and tries to help, so one day I will teach her like I did her big sister and many years from now maybe they both will teach their own daughters and they in turn will teach theirs and on and on.

Not only did Kate's crust turn out great, but the filling did too. She had rave reviews from her coworkers, they couldn't believe she made them from scratch.
The tradition continues.