Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our little Linus

When Spencer was just a wee little newborn we started using a couple of blankets all the time. No matter what other various blankets we used, these two seemed to be the standard. Spencer soon grew very attached to them. They went with him everywhere. Room to room, to church, family dinners, to California when he was 18 months, you get the basic idea. Although we have long ago broken him of the habit of taking them everywhere they still are his favorite and his best, and still must go with him everywhere in the house. Downstairs when he gets up, upstairs when he goes that way. He absolutely must have those blankets to go to sleep with. He will not go to sleep without them, he cry's for them when he is hurt or upset, he loves them more than life itself I think. You again get the big picture. Here is a picture of my little munchkin when he was little with his blue blanket, intact and doing its job, actually you can see a little of the "yellow" blanket around his neck also. it was in pretty good shape then.

Now it is not in such good shape as you can see. It has been loved to death!! Almost literally. But even though it is in shreds, and falling apart do you think our Linus will give it up. HECK NO!!! What are you thinking, it is his best friend since birth.! I keep trying to prepare Linus for the inevitable day when it will completely fall apart and have to be put down. It will be a tear filled day and I think we will have to have a farewell blanket ceremony. As a mother, I am not looking forward to this. I have cryed with my children over losing fish, birds, selling former homes, and some toys, but this by far will be the worst yet. How do you comfort Linus when the day comes? Any ideas???!? Please!!!!.....

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