Saturday, September 6, 2008

Then and Now

Back in 2003 Grandpa and Grandma Ream aka the spoiler :) gave Spencer a three wheeler bike for Christmas. He was thrilled with it and rode it all the time. Here he is at our old house about 19 months or so. You can see that the bike is new, the Harley sticker is in good shape, as well as the whole bike. Well, we still have the bike and it has not only been well loved and ridden by Spencer, but also by Jordan, plus various cousins and friends. It is so fun to have watched them thru the years on the bike. They both started off like Fred Flinstone because their poor little feet did not even reach the pedals. Then they progressed to where they learned to pedal and off they went, as fast and wild as they could. Spencer of course went as fast as he could then "slammed on the brakes". Now, 5 years later you can see the evidence of that rough and though treatment, the front sticker is halfway off, and the front tire is flat and worn thru in a big spot. (Look at the pictures) Does this discourage them from riding it? NO WAY, in fact they still fight over who gets to ride it, even though they have their own bikes now. this has been the best gift ever and a most beloved bike.
But enough about the bike. Just take a look at Spencer, first, at how cute and adorable he is, and second at how much he has grown. In the younger pics, his knees barely come up the the back wheels, now they are clear up and over them.
Thanks Papa and Nana for such a great gift that has truly kept on giving, just like the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going........
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donald max ream said...

This is so funny, I laughed all the way through it. Who knew that it would last that long when we bought it. I remember to going to the Harley Davidson store and buying the Harley sticker for it, and it cost more than the bike. Glad we got it. It has made lots of happy memories. I will have memories of all our grandkids here riding it even Bergen. Love, MOM