Sunday, March 27, 2011

4 In A Row

Jordan has done it again. She lost yet another tooth. Not only is she going to break the tooth fairy, but I don't know how the poor kid eats. I love the Twilight books, but having a child who looks like a vampire is crazy.
On a side note, I am totally ticked off that the picture of my little vampire will not stay posted! I have added it to the blog post several times and it will not "stick"! What the heck? Any ideas?????

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spencer as President Ronald Reagan

Here is my little President. Spencer had to write a report, memorize and give a speech on a President of the United States. He choose Ronald Reagan, and this is how he dressed up for the speech. We darkened his hair and eyebrows with spray. Holy Heck what a mess!!!
Can't you just see him sitting in the oval office working on Presidential things? Actually he is going over his speech one last time before he heads off to school. The speech went great and his whole class loved him giving out Jelly Belly's.