Sunday, September 28, 2008

From tears to triumph--It took 6 long years

The tool man and I were married on October 11, 1996. Fall being my favorite season it was the perfect time. Come January we decided to start trying to have those babies I had always wanted to have. Well that didn't work out so well, I was pregnant by March and in May (just before Mother's day) I had my first of a long line of miscarriages.

It seemed either I couldn't get pregnant, or when I did it lasted a couple of months and then was gone. I cannot express the pain, anger and bad feelings I had as this went on for 5 long years. Friends and family got pregnant, and had their babies, and although I was truly happy for them, it also hurt a lot. It did not help that I worked for 7 OBGYN's, and saw about a thousand pregnant ladies coming in every day!

It seemed that my hormones were the problem. I could get pregnant, but my hormone level (hsg) would not rise and go up enough to carry the pregnancy. Nothing could help, until I self prescribed. Now this is my own thing, it may have really had nothing to do with it, but each time I carried a baby to full term I was using this. I took Estroblend. the soy based "hormone replacement" for women going through menopause. I think that it revved up my hormones enough to carry the babies through till they were in my arms. I'm sure my OB would say it had nothing to do with it, I'm telling you, I think it did.

Call me crazy but there you have it. From tears to triumph. I love my kiddos and am glad they finally made it. They sure were worth it.

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