Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Don't you just love Spring? I love all the colors of the flowers and blooming trees. I was given a nice surprise the other day when I looked out my bedroom window. Our tree was green, pink and white. I loved it, it made me happy.

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I also love tulips. I don't care which color they are, they are all pretty and make me so happy after a long and dreary winter. I had some years ago, maybe it's time to plant some more.


I bought a telescope off of someone a while back, and Lee finally got it put together. Now if it would only stop raining long enough for the sky to clear so we can see the stars. The kids are so excited to see them and ask almost every day.
Rain, rain go away, come on back another day!

Easter Egg Hunt

In an effort to keep the Sabbath more Holy, the Easter bunny comes to our house on Saturday's instead of on Sunday.
We had an Easter dinner at Lee's parents house Saturday evening, and found that the big E.B. had come while we were gone. The kids got to bed really late, but had an exciting and great time hunting for eggs. Lee even enjoyed trying out Jordan's new hula hoop.

The bunny is getting more and more tricky as the kids get older, they really had to hunt well this year. In fact, 5 days later, we are still finding eggs that were missed.
Thanks Easter Bunny!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Working for the Scouting badge

My kids can be so sweet to each other. When one gets something at school, church or wherever, they always ask for one for their sibling too. The other night at Scouts, Spencer made a basketball goal to work towards a badge. Of course he asked if one of the leftovers could be taken home for his sister. He had a great time making it, and Jordan had a great time helping. I love seeing them get along and working together as a team.

Getting our ducks in a row

We have a pair of mallards that have taken a liking to our pool. The pool cover is dark green, and it being full of rain water and leaves, I guess it looks like a pond. They landed one day, and have been back about every day since. They have also found the bird feeder out front, so they usually come, eat their fill off the ground then head on back for a swim and a nap. It is so cute, Daisy as we call her, climbs up on the side, takes a nap while Donald keeps watch, then he sleeps while she keeps watch. They are a great pair and we are really enjoying them, they seem to be getting somewhat used to us and will stick around if we are out and about. As long as we don't get too close.

High Ambitions

I don't know what prompted it, but my little Jordan drew four things that she wants to be when she grows up, and although they are only stick figures, I was pretty impressed with her drawings. First and foremost, is a rock star, or movie star. Notice the guitar (up by the shoulders) and more impressively is the spot lights above. I did not know that she even knew about spot lights.
Secondly, she wants to be a vet, note the cats in her arms. This did not surprise me at all.

Next, she wants to be an archaeologist. Or as she puts it, "A person that digs for dinosaur bones." Look at the hand tool, and then the bones under the dirt. Last but not least is a nurse. That one did surprise me, but I really like that she put a patient in bed and the bed has wheels on it. Jordan is my kid that really pays attention to details. She did not draw it, but she says she also wants to be a mom, and as long as she fulfills that one, I don't care what she is, as long as she is good at it.