Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

Drive to your favorite tree place, a real tree farm, not some grocery where they were cut a month ago.
Take a hay ride out to the tree field, hold on tight and cover up with the quilts provided.

Wander aimlessly while each person finds one that they like the best, and try to convince Mom and Dad that theirs is the one to get.

Look cute so Mom can take your picture for her blog.

Measure tree to make sure it is not taller than your ceilings. **Note** This step is VERY important.

Next, mark your tree with something such as a leaf so you can find your way back to it in the plethora of trees. Or better yet, stand guard, so no one else will claim it as theirs. Look mean, and growl if necessary.

After tree is cut, load up onto cart, and pull it back to the haywagon.

Take cold hayride back, remember to cover up. Sing Christmas carols. (optional)

Look cute again for Mom's blog.

Have a big strong man around to unload and carry in said perfect Christmas tree.

Put into the stand, tighten the bolts. Make sure it's straight.

Cut the cords.

Have Mom put on 1200 lights. (Note, if Mom doesn't take the picture, no one will) then get behind tree and admire those lights on the perfect Christmas tree you helped pick out. Oh...And don't forget to water the poor thing. Every morning and night will keep it going until New Years Day. Trust me on this one...

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