Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kate's Christmas

Kate did not get a lot this Christmas, but she got BIG. She has been asking for a violin for years, and since she is not in orchestra at school any more, we got her one. She was so happy that she cryed. Yippeeeeee! I think she is happy. We also got her a Twilight apron which she loves and can take to BYU-I with her. If she didn't want it, I was going to keep it. Darn! She loved it. Some BYU-I stuff I ordered came the day before. Wheewwww. I was sweating that one. Merry Christmas Kate! You can think of us now every time you play.....and cook........and write in your tablet at college.

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scrapbyjen said...

Love the Vampire apron. My daughter Megan was drooling. I promised her a trip to Forks sometime. She wants to get a shirt there that says "Bitten in Forks."