Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spencer's first Sacrament Talk

Last Sunday, Spencer gave his first talk in church. In Sacrament meeting no less!! Being the Sunday before Thanksgiving, his talk was on what he was thankful for. Grandpa Ream sat down with him, while we were out watching Twilight and went over his list, then came up with the paper for him to give his talk. Just as he did when I was a kid, Dad made pictures to prompt us of what we wanted to say.
Spencer did GREAT!!!!!. He walked right up there and gave his talk with no problems or hesitations. I was so proud.
As you can see, he is thankful for Cats, because he can play with them. Clothes to keep him warm. Friends who he can like and play with. Dad and Mom who love him, provide him with a home to live in, bed to sleep in and good food to eat. A family who loves him, and he can love them too, and for God who answers our prayers.
I think this is just great, especially for a 6 year old. Way to go Spencer, keep up the good work.
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The Crash Test Dummy said...

How cute!!! I wish someone would draw pictures for me when I give talks.

Thanks for following me! That made my day.

in time out said...

this is a super fabulous idea. thanks for sharing. now, about writing my talks for a year...i am the rs teacher counselor, i give ALOT of talks. he he he. made me smile that you would offer.

i could use you with your posters for some of those...

taka care, thanks for reading me. ♥