Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tornado Warning!

The weather has been really random lately. Last week it was snowing and icing all over the place. Then it rained and washed away all the snow. Now today we had a temperature of 66* How weird is that!! Now a cold front is coming thru, and you know what that means, storms, BIG STORMS.
I was fixing dinner and the tornado sirens went off in town. (Thank goodness we can hear them out here.) We checked and boy was it heading this way. Well, not a tornado, but the tornado causing weather. My poor little boy came into the kitchen as the stormed RAGED outside and said he was really worried. "Really worried, I'm gong to cry!" and he proceeded to do just that. Poor kid, I held him and told him it would be all right. This is hard for me as I am TERRIFIED of big storms and tornado's myself! So we had a family prayer, prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. We made it thru dinner, and the storm passed. All is well. Thank heavens for prayer and faith.
I must say before dinner it was so nice out today. We played like it was the first day of spring, which is exactly what it felt like. We jumped on the trampoline, played baseball, and on the swing set. Then took down the trampoline, outside Christmas lights, and just generally opened up the house and enjoyed the warm flowing air. No coats needed. What a perfect winter day :)

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