Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kate's Dream has come True!!!

Today my baby was accepted to BYU Idaho!! Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!
We are just so excited, happy and so very very proud of her. Kate is just bringing so many happy tears to my eyes. And let's face it, some sad tears too when I think of her leaving in the fall. :(

We received an email stating a decision had been made. Kate's hands shook a little as she brought up the page. Then we both screamed, clapped and cheered as we saw the words, "Congratulations, We are pleased........."

You just can't wipe the smile off of her face, or mine.
We then started calling everyone. First Dad, then Grandparents, and so on. Of course in this day and age you can multi-task which she did by texting cousins in Utah at the same time as calling the G-parents.
Kate has been accepted to Ball State in Indiana, and SVU in Virginia, but has chosen to go to BYU-I. Way to go Kate.

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4handfulls said...

Congratulations! My little sister went there and her sweet husband still does. They LOVE it in Rexburg!