Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Strawberries-My new obsession

Lately I cannot get enough of strawberries, since the summer really. This strange phenomenon is confusing the heck out of my husband, because I am choosing strawberries over chocolate even. He will offer me a chocolate bar in the grocery and I will refuse! to which he says "Who are you, and what have you done with my wife?" Chocolate lately has been "heavy" and I just prefer something "light" like a tasty strawberry.
So my new obsession is leading me to new things that I LOVE , namely, Chex strawberry cereal, and strawberry real fruit slushies from Sonic. I don't even eat cereal! but since I cant get enough of the little red tasty fruits that aren't in season, Chex does the trick. The problem with the slushies is 1- It's like -30* wind chill out side and 2- I have to drive 30 miles to get one! So I don't get them often, but when I am in town I will stop for one, usually between 2-4 pm because drinks are half price then. Gotta love a good deal, and saving money. Of course this causes me to have to pee like a race horse the rest of the day, but hey it's worth it. (TMI? Sorry)
So as long as strawberries are my flavor of the day, Sonic, Chex and I will be best friends.
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