Monday, August 4, 2008

The Wilderness Lodge Chronicles, Issue 2

Last month, if you will recall our adventurer went in search of the reclusive Katie Bug. This month we went searching for the smaller version. To some it is known as Jordan, to others it is known as Jojo and to some it is simply called Jo Mack. What we found is that the little Jojo watches the bigger females of her tribe and tries very hard to imitate them. Sometimes this is shown by her carrying little dolls around as her babies. Feeding, bathing, holding and rocking said babies. Other times she can be found in her habitat (playroom) cooking and serving food on the toy stove and table. And yet other times she is found to be into make up that was supplied by a Grandma known as the spoiler. Our camera caught her in the act of behaving like the older female members of her tribe today. The Jojo had put on makeup and was in the process of painting her nails so she could be "pretty". One has to wonder, if this small tribe member is like this now, how will she be when she is bigger. Hopefully her face painting skills will improve by the time she is able to date the male species. Although the reporter did think Jojo did a pretty good job on her nails for a four year old.

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donald max ream said...

Cole, what a beautiful little girl, I am glad I spoiled with her own makeup. You are creating the magic for your kids the way you spoke of the magic when you were growing up I am so happy about that. These are special times. Enjoy them Love, Mom