Thursday, August 28, 2008

Me from A to Z

I saw this A-Z on Gigi's blog and thought it was cool, so I am totally stealing the idea and putting it here so you can maybe get to know me better. Sorry Gig, great idea!!!

A- Attached or Single--Attached of course!
B- Best friend-- Besides Lee it would be SAMANTHA
C- Cake or Pie--Gotta be pie, my great grandma's chocolate cream pie,
D- Day--Friday, love the anticipation of the weekend
E- Essential item--Mascara
F- Favorite color--pale yellow
G- Gummies, bears or worms--Yuck, I hate those things
H- Hometown-Clarks Hill, IN
I- Indulgences--Ben & Jerry's New york super fudge chunk ice cream, yum yum
J- January or July-- July, it's my birthday month
K- Kids-- Katelyn 17, Spencer 5, Jordan 4
L- Life is incomplete without-- My family
M- Marriage date- October 11, 1996
N- Number of siblings-- 2, Craig & Jared
O- Obsession-- right now I guess reading the twilight book series
P- Phobias or Fears-- Spiders
Q- Quote--"No success can compensate for failure in the home" David O. McKay
R- Reason to smile-- My kids learning to play without fighting, & maybe finding K8 a car
S- Season-- Fall, gotta love it, that's why I got married in the fall
T- Talents-- Crafty stuff I guess
U- Unknown fact--I was the teachers pet in the third grade. She spoiled me rotten.
V- Vegetarian or oppressor of animals-- Oppressor
W- Worst habit-- Swearing *%^)$%#^
X- X-rays or ultrasounds--ultrasounds, I loved looking at my babies before they were here
Y- Your favorite food--Anything Italian
Z- Zodiac sign-- Leo

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Gigi said...

Nice Nicole. You big swearer, you!
And you didn't steal this idea. I wrote be tagged if you must...

It's sure fun to know a little more about you!