Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lincoln Logs..........Gotta Love 'em

When I was growning up, Craig and I had lincoln logs to play with. I loved them!! We would spend like forever building things, then fly our "bomber planes" over them and say "Frank Cannon!" (yes you had to say that) and blow the heck out of each other's creations. It was just the thing to do. Our Grandma Ream even got down on the floor in her old age and played with us. Now that is a fun grandma.

So now I have a boy of my own, and he loves to build, so much so that we should have named him Bob. He takes Lego's, Bob the builder stuff, just about anything and builds these wonderful buildings and things. When I ask him how he comes up with it all, he says "I just picture it in my mind then build it." Anyway, as much as he loves to build I just had to get some Lincoln Logs for my little Bob, uh!! I mean Spencer. Ebay here I come!!!! Wooooo Hoooo anything to do more shopping on Ebay, but that is another entire blog.

He was so excited when we got the first set, almost as much as me. Pre war ones no less, with all real wood, and the original instructions from the 30's or something. These should probably be in a museum, not in the hands of a rough and tough five year old, but oh well, I had the winning bid. ha ha ha We have been down on the floor creating and having fun. The only problem is that he doesnt let me build bomber planes, say "Frank Cannon" and bomb the daylights out of his buildings. Darn it!!! I added another set (from ebay circa 1950's) and the fun continues. We have determined that we need yet some more, but that is for another day, another bidding war............
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