Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wiggling, Wiggling, Gone

Our boy Spencer wants to be big so fast. For example, he has been asking when he would lose a tooth. We assured him that it would happen soon, and soon it did. As in about a week and a half ago. He came screaming with enthusiasm that he had a loose tooth. He wanted it out before Kate gets home from Minnesota so he could surprise her, so I told him that the best way to loosen it completely and get it to come out was to wiggle it as much as possible. And that he did, I guess he has been working on it a lot, because last night, he was watching the Olympics with Lee and he started screaming with excitement "Mom come here, I just lost my tooth!!!!!!!" And here he came running up the stairs with tooth in hand to show me. As he was sitting there, I guess it just popped out while he was wiggling it, no pain or anything. Well, a little blood, but he was so gosh darn excited he didn't even care or notice. Next we had to call the grandparents and let them know of the joyous occasion.
We took pictures of the whole process, the tooth just out, spencer holding the tooth, placing it under his pillow, and the best of all, the dollar from the tooth fairy. Now he can't wait until he looses more, this has been a fun experience for him. Way to go Spencer!!!
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Gigi said...

Logan just found out about Spencer's tooth today. He came running up to tell me and was really excited about it. He says "Good job Spencer" and gives you the thumbs up!