Friday, August 15, 2008

Life's most embarrassing moments

Have you ever had one of those really embarrassing moments, one where you are red in the face, but later you have to just laugh about it. Of course you have, we all have. Let me share one of mine with you.

I was working for the Woman's Clinic as the receptionist. Among other things it was my job to greet people, tell them what floor they needed to go to if they needed that help, and answer the phone. A PBX phone system that looked like a computer but had 16 phone lines coming into it. At times the phones could be really busy as you can imagine a Dr's office with 7 doctors and 3 nurse practitioner's office could be.

This particular day, the phones were very busy, and as all the lines were ringing at once, I answered "Woman's Clinic can you hold please?" I went thru this with about 10-12 lines in less than a minute, so it was kind of stuck in my head. Just then a very rich elegant lady came in and instead of saying "may I help you?" I combined it with what was in my head, and you guessed it said, "May I hold you?" Oh my gosh she looked so put out and totally annoyed and angry with me. Giggling, I tried to explain that I had just put about 12 people on hold and the wrong thing just came out, but she would have none of it. In a very superior tone she asked where her doctors office was. Of course it was the most rich, snobby, unfriendly Dr. in the whole joint. I could tell that she was pretty much just like him, and I did nothing more to try and rectify the situation other than apologize. Later, I had to run a message up that particular Dr's office, and of course she was sitting right there. I received the dirtiest look. I think she thought I was stalking her at that point. I was so embarrassed, but I can't help but laugh a lot now when I think about it.

If you cant laugh at yourself then laugh at me when you read this, because I sure as heck am.

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