Monday, November 17, 2008

Kate, A marvelous work and wonder

I am so proud of my little senior. Not only is she working her butt off by taking all honors and AP classes, but she is getting A's. She is applying to colleges, and has them calling
her to give her scholarships. Her HS had a group go to the middle school and give a talk to the 6th graders about HS do and donts etc....they asked Kate to be one of the group. It is not only her hard work in HS that I see but so many things she is doing lately makes me realize what a grown up kid she is. Not only is she mature, way mature for her age, but she is good at making shy people feel needed, she's wonderful with kids. I don't know, I'm not good with expressing what I see in her, but she has really grown into a wonderful caring woman. I like the person she is, and see great potential for the person she will soon become.


Gigi said...

Kate is truly beautiful; inside and out!

scrapbyjen said...

I can't believe Kate is a senior. Where has time gone? I'm not any I? She is such a beautiful young lady.