Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boy that feels better

I did something very unlike myself today, and boy was it nice.
My day however did not start out nice. I have felt upset, fed-up and every kind of other bad up out there today. So I counted the hours.......... minutes....................seconds until my little squabbling rugrats were dropped off at school and I went out to lunch...BY MYSELF!!! I never do that. And to top it off, I then went Christmas shopping and spent a ton of money on gifts for the nieces, nephews, and yes even the squabbling rugrats. Boy do I feel better, which is weird because I usually don't like shopping, don't like spending money, etc......but this was nice. Maybe it's because I know we have the money in a Christmas club account tucked away at our local credit union, or maybe it's just because I did not have to hear yelling, fighting and general, well...squabbling!
Do you think I could ship the squabbling rugrats off to boarding school on a measly Christmas club savings? ;) JK

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