Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jordan the Hair dresser

As I was working in the office today, Jordan came to with a handful of hair and innocently said, "Mommy my hair fell out." I immediately freaked out, because it is finally growing out again after cutting 13 inches off of it a year ago. This caused her to start crying and go to the time out spot without being told to. I didn't care much, I was upset, and coming up with a plan at how we can salvage this without having to chop off all of her hair. Later she told me she cut it because it was getting in her face. Oh the joys of motherhood!
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HSDesigns said...

OH Well at least her hair is long enough you can get a cute style out of it. I am dreading this day - and I hear that MOST Moms go through this.

HairDesignerTV said...

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