Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blue Birds, a feast for the eyes

I was opening the blinds in the kids playroom this morning and got a wonderful surprise. I blue bird flew over to our nectarine tree. Then I noticed that there were lots of blue birds in our back yard. Now to some that may be a "big deal" kind of moment, but to me it was wonderful. I have only seen one other blue bird in my entire life, and that was over in Nauvoo, IL just across the river from IA, and I think that was about 10-12 years ago. We have lots of blue jays here and I am used to them, but the blue bird is a much calmer, nicer bird than the jay and it was quite a treat. Maybe they were migrating, I don't know but I just can't get over the rich blue hue and the rust chest on these things. It really showed when they were in flight. Thank you God for the inspiring sight.

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