Monday, October 6, 2008

The big dance

The big fall dance was Saturday night at Kate's high school, it's called the Evola dance. What the heck does that mean anyway? The tool man and I call it the Ebola dance :) Kate has been preparing for this dance for a long time, going to the mall and other stores to find just the right dress which in this case means one that is not slutty and cut clear down to her belly button and up to her waist like most of the other girls, and it also has to pass the Dad test. Anyway back on subject here, finding just the right dress, shoes, fingernail polish etc.... I don't think I have ever seen her so excited, she was running around the house making everything sure everything was just right, into the tanning bed for one last session......Oops, that is where she had her first problem. The button on the tanning bed has been sticking, and instead of being in there for the 20 minutes that is normal, she was in there for 45. Luckily she is pretty tan, but alas, she came out looking something like a lobster. Into the shower to cool down, off to the hair dresser to get her locks just right then into the dress.

Kate's date Greg was running late, so her friend Brook came and picked her up and off to the restaurant where the guys were waiting. Just when I thought they would not be back for the promised pictures, in they came!!! Aren't they a cute couple. Isn't she just beautiful. She makes a mother proud. Proud that she would pick a decent dress, a decent guy, and still be home my the midnight deadline.

Of course her daddy still does not like that dress. She's just too gosh darn pretty in it, and had to many compliments from the guys. Ha ha ha, payback for him being a teenage boy himself. I love it.
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