Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 11, 1996-The start of Time & Eternity

Yesterday we celebrated our 12th anniversary. I cant believe 12 years have come and gone, it seems like just yesterday that we were driving on our way up to Chicago to get married.Wow, time flies. 1996 was much like it was Saturday, sunny and warm with the beautiful fall colors all around, yet some of the summer flowers still blooming. What can I say, fall is the best.

I have spent a lot of time the last couple of days thinking about the last twelve years and the joys and sorrows it has brought. Luckily, most of the memories are joyous. I am not going to put them all down, it would take to long, and most are just personal. Who wants to read about my day to day going on's, anyway, but I am going to list twelve things I love about my wonderful husband being twelve years and all.....get it?

1. He saw me for who I was back then,(and still now) not just the extra pounds I was carrying around. and loved me anyway.

2.He makes me laugh

3.He is kind and considerate, and always thinking of way to make me happy.

4.He gave me three beautiful children.

5.He is a great father, who loves his children dearly.

6. He respects me.

7.He is my best friend.

8. He has beautiful blue eyes.

9.He is a good provider.

10.He understands me, and is willing to tell me when I am wrong.

11.He is willing to stick up for me when I am right.

12.He makes life fun.

I could go on , but I will stop with the twelve. Maybe next year I will list more, like at least 13. Thanks babe, you have been the best husband I could have ever asked for. Here's to 12 more and beyond.

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