Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shiver me timbers, I've a pirate in the house

This afternoon I have been hearing pirate talk around the house. Has Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom come to my home you ask? Sadly no. It isn't even National talk like a pirate day, that was September 19th. Instead it was Spencer, saying things like "Shiver me timbers", "Arrgh matey" and "Walk the plank". That one was to his sister, much to her dismay. He even let me know that "pirates look mean." And even though one of the pictures is a little fuzzy, I thought they were cute.
Spencer and his class are studying the alphabet and today was the letter "P". So Mr. King had them color bandanna's, eye patches, and parrots and they all became pirates and went around the classroom talking like one. When Spencer came home he wanted to dress like a pirate, but unfortunately his Dad does not believe in boys owning blousey white shirts with big fluffy sleeves let alone wearing them. so alas it was into his Halloween shirt that he changed. Maybe if we can't find a good Speed Racer costume for Halloween he can go as a Pirate..........?
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