Thursday, February 26, 2009

A VERY Bad Evening

Yesterday evening started out very badly, and got worse. First, as I was trying to open a bag of chicken for dinner, I sliced open my finger. I applied pressure to it but it would just not stop bleeding. After grossing my kids out, I called a friend who is a nurse, and she said if it did not stop bleeding after a half hour of pressure, to go and get it stitched. Well, 30 minutes later, I was off to the hospital for a stitch or two.
Of course when I got there the emergency room parking lot was full, and to avoid an extremely long, complicated story, let me just say that in order to avoid the ambulance that was parked there, I totally missed the BRICK WALL, and crunched the bumper of the van. I was already shaky and that sure did not help. Now I'm shaky x2 and very upset as well.
I finally made it to the ER, and of course, by that point the bleeding had stopped, and the triage nurse and I agreed that I did not need stitches and it would be better to avoid a big ER bill. She was so kind, and gave me a snoopy band aid as a consolation prize, and I went back home and cryed. Not one of my better days.
And she was right, my finger is good and sore. Oh, and you're welcome for not taking a picture of the actual injury, it is not pretty.

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