Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thoughts of Spring

There is a hope of Spring in the air. The robins have come back and sing their sweet song, geese fill the pond behind our house, and warmer air occasionally breezes past. It brings hope. Hope of all things new, sweet and innocent. It also brings with it feelings of happiness. Of those beautiful crocus' that pop their heads up through the snow to show us how determined they are to hurry the season along. Red bud tree's, tulips and lily's all bloom showering us with colors after a dreary mono-chromatic season of cold. We are happy to spread our wings, and be outside again. To feel the warmth on our skin, breathe in the freshness and just live. Spring makes you happy to be alive. I am thankful for a wonderful Heavenly Father who gives the earth such a beauty, and brings with it more hope for life than anything else possibly can.

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