Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spelling- Kindergarten style

My dear sweet son is in kindergarten, and is learning to sound out words and read. However, I don't think they are quite teaching to spell yet. Sunday he was given a hand out on the creation of the earth, and he promptly brought it home and colored the pictures and labeled some of the backs. Here are his spellings.

oring moon-- orange moon
prite flawr--pretty flower
gray mantin--gray mountain
goldin stars-- golden stars
green tun--green tongue (this is how he colored the dog's tongue)
Atum and E-- Adam and Eve

He actually spelled them phonetically. I think this is really cute, he has plenty of time to get the spelling down.


Holloway Family said...

That's so cool!!! Kaitlyn, 9 years old, still does that with new words. I do it too sometimes.

Anonymous said...

When Drew was in Kindergarten and learning to write he was sure his teacher did NOT know how to spell as she consistently spelled things differently than he did and let him know about it! LOL He has figured since that there are some rules beyond the universe of Drew to spelling... amoung other things.