Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You want me to what?

My daughter's boyfriend is 21 and has never been on a trampoline in his life, EVER! He has also never gone to a theme park, ridden a roller coaster, gone down a water slide or done many of the other things that makes our family life a pleasure to live. Poor kid, I don't know how he has lived thus far. Kate trying to rectify these things took him to a small water park in our town. They were having a great time in the lazy river etc... When they got to the top of the water slide to go down for the first time Kate slid down, wheee.... Steven however was stopped. A thunderstorm had moved in and for safety's sake he could not go down. Cancel water slide.
She brought him over to our house the other night to visit and decided he needed to jump on the trampoline. He didn't really want to, they were forbidden by his parents, but after much cajoling from Kate, he went out. Of course after one jump the trampoline broke. Broke!! How the heck did that happen? I think Steven is highly traumatized and will probably never get on a trampoline again.

They have planned to go to a theme park/water park on the 19Th. Kate is now having 2ND thoughts, she thinks her plan to introduce Steven to everything he has missed out on is jinxed. I think she may be right.


Melissa said...

Oh no! Not a broken tramp! Mia will be very sad. I'm still trying to figure out when we can make it over to swim. It was definitely hot enough today, but Mia was with Mike and Aleeah and then the storms moved in. Sometime soon I sure hope.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Yeah I am agreeing with you. I It would be a bad idea if they went to a theme park got on a roller coaster and it died at the top of the climb?