Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun Friday's

In an effort to keep my kids from being bored this summer, I instigated Fun Friday's. Each Friday we set out on an adventure of some kind. The first one we went to a zoo and park then to McDonald's for lunch as a special treat, this particular Friday we had planned on going to another park to hike the trails and play, but it was so blasted hot that the kids and I opted for an indoor fun project. We went to our local Michael's store and bought some paper lanterns and decorations.
After a swim in the pool we were inside in the AC to have a lot of fun.
This project took many hours and the best thing about it was that there was no fighting at all!
I don't think these lanterns could take any more glitter glue or stick on's, but the kids had fun and will love them hanging in their bedrooms.

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