Tuesday, June 15, 2010

After the storm

Living in Indiana you get used to bad thunderstorms, you just hope the tornado doesn't decide to drop down on top of your house. Hail, blinding rain, it all comes with the territory. We had one of those yesterday. In fact the tornado hit just south of my parents house by a few miles. You know there has been a tornado when the air turns green. Yes, the atmosphere itself is green. One of the weirdest things you can ever see if you are not used to it.
After the storm was over I went outside to look around. These were the clouds. I can't describe to you how it actually looked to see the whole sky looking like someone had run their hand across the clouds and smeared them. You can see off in the distance normal looking clouds, then they just seem to spread out longer and longer. I thought it was pretty cool, just wish the camera had picked up the yellow/green color of them.
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