Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mud Chicken

Roast Beef will now forever more be called "mud chicken". Why you ask? Well let me explain.
When my little kids were even smaller than they are now. (6 & 4) Meat was not a terribly big thing for them, except for chicken. So we started calling everything chicken. Beef was brown chicken, pork..chicken etc.... To this day it is to a certain extent still "chicken".
Tonight my son helped my husband wash the potatoes that were going into the roast. My oldest daughter (17) questioned if they were clean enough, as we were eating. I sarcastically said, "yeah, they had mud on them."
So Jordan being the ornery little thing she is, said "We're eating mud chicken". "See it's mud chicken because it's brown." With the great laugh that followed the whole family started calling it mud chicken as a joke. I think this is going to stick.

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