Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where Does The Time Go?




Wasn't it just yesterday that Kate was a little 5 year old girl with such light brown hair, and a tomboy disposition? Now she is a beautiful woman who is so talented and wise. And wasn't it also just yesterday that I had two different little 5 pound babies at different times, each with a head full of hair, and so small it seemed they would break? Now Spencer is so tall, has finished pre-k and is about to start kindergarten, making friends along the way. Jordan is an independent thing who will be starting pre-k, and just loves to play with her own "babies". Looking at these pictures remindes me that I need to spend time with them now while they are still somewhat small, or I will miss the chance forever.

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Gigi said...

Man, oh, man, Nicole. You don't always recognize the changes taking place when you see people on a regular basis do you? Your kids really have grown up! It'll be fun to see what they're like in a few more years...