Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Reunion Time Again

June 26th-29th we went to the Jackson Family Reunion, in Iowa. This is the reunion for Carol (my mother in law) and her siblings, and all of their offspring. We headed off toward Iowa and made a stop in Nauvoo, IL. While there, we took a horse and buggy ride and saw the new movie about Joseph Smith. We did not have much time to stay, but enjoyed what we were able to do. Back on the road to Iowa, it only took us a couple of hours to make it to North Liberty, where Lee's Aunt Maurine and Uncle Stu live. They were kind enough to give up there bedroom for us and the small kids, so we bunked down there. On the way we were amazed at all of the flooding we saw.We had heard about it, but to see it first had was just amazing!

Friday we all had a picnic in a park, then went down to the Lake for a few hours of fun in the sun. I forgot to put sun screen on the kids, but thank heavens, they must be a little like me, because they only tanned. Spencer has a cute little Coppertone tan line. Friday night was pizza and catching up at the Steurer home as well as getting into the hot tub. What a fun time.

Saturday, was the breakfast then Kate, Jess and some others went horseback riding. Kate has taken lessons, so thankfully she knew how to handle a horse. Others were not so lucky, and got scrapped up as their horse went into the branches. Kate had a great time and came back hot, sweaty, but all smiles. Lee, the kids and I went to Amish country and did some window shopping, the Lee found a Star Trek "convention" going on, so we had to go. Boy I have never seen so many geeks in one place in my entire life! Saturday night was the actual reunion and auction. Uncle Johnny was the auctioneer again and as usual did a wonderful job.

Sunday was church, lunch then the long ride home. It was so nice to see everyone again, and nice for our kids to make friends with their cousins. It's cool that another generation will get to know one another. We cant wait until the next reunion in two years, Utah here we come!

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