Thursday, February 24, 2011

Before and After

The kids bathroom when we moved in. Beige, boring and ugly. Something must be done, it needs to have some fun, life, vitality thrown into the mix. It needs COLOR!

Just like Ted Turner to a classic black and white movie, I added color, LOTS of color! Pale yellow to the walls, a beach shower curtain, all things beach. Have mentioned that I love the beach? Yeah, thought so.

I still hate the vanity and mirror, but that is another project for another time. See the toothbrush holder, it matches the chair in the curtain.

Check this out, a beach pail holds the kids wash clothes for their showers, and look ma! No more hideous flooring!!! It is now beautiful. I would have gone and put sand down to keep the beach theme going, but thought the kids would not appreciate getting sand between their squeaky clean toes after showers.
I even splurged and bought the shower hooks to match too. I love the beach balls and flip flops.
Of course this sunny curtain is just the thing, and the oak toilet seat is so much nicer than the old white gross one.

I love this cute little rug.

No beach bathroom would be complete without a picture of the family at the beach. Pensacola, FL.
If you think I am really excited about how the bathroom turned out, I am.


Heather said...

That is so cute & fun! Nice job!

Holloway Family said...

I love it!!! This is so adorable!

Pam in Brussels, Belgium