Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Schelenburg Castle, Germany

Have you ever wanted to be a princess in a castle? Growing up I always did, and I got pretty close while we were in Germany.
The company took us ( in the double decker bus) over to the town of Bissendorf to Schelenburg castle. It was built in the 11 th century. Can you believe that?! The amount of history you see in Germany is just incredible.
Anyway, we went there for dinner one evening, and I was just blown away.

It was getting pretty dark when we got there, so the pictures I took did not turn out well, but hey, it's pictures of an 11th century castle!

We walked around to the back, over a moat by drawbridge, ( I know, totally cool huh?) and through a courtyard to the entrance.

The yellow part of the castle to the right of the picture is where we walked over the moat and into the courtyard.

The buffet, and our dinner table. It was a great experience to be able to come and have dinner. The food was great as usual, although there are some things that were strange to us Americans. You can't get ice, or tap water, all water comes in bottles and unless you specifically ask, it is carbonated. They also served a LOT of potatoes where ever we went, and for dessert every place we ate at had vanilla ice cream with warm cherries to put on top. Again, I wish we had taken more pictures, but look at a couple of things. First the tapestry hanging on the back wall of the buffet room, and in the dining room, look how thick the windows are. 11th century insulation at it's best.
I just drank up the atmosphere, it is something I don't think I will ever forget.

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