Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jordan Turns 6

June 25Th, 2004 this little beauty came into our lives, all 5 lbs 14 oz of her. Jordan seemed to be born a spitfire, a trait that continues.

Here she is today, six years old. Where on earth has the time gone?

All Jordan really wanted for her birthday was to go to Holiday World and to
go along with that, a swimming pool party. Although I forgot to take the
pool pictures, maybe because I was in the pool, her are some of the activities.

First we swam, then ate, swam some more, then had cake and ice cream, fireworks a pinata and opened presents. It was a great day, and she had so much fun

Some of the people that came to celebrate with us. We had 26 in all, and that is without most of Daddy's family!

The swimming pool cakes I made for her.

The big blow. I found candles that burn the color of the candle. It is hard to see here, but the blue burns blue, green-green etc... in the one picture she is down so she can see the colors better.

A few fireworks and hunting for the parachutes.

Finally presents. She was so thrilled and happy. Thanks to everyone for coming and making her day so special and for the wonderful gifts.

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