Sunday, July 18, 2010

After the Storm

Life is funny, one minute you can be as happy as a clam having fun basking in the sunshine with your family.

An hour later things have been ripped apart, literally.

We had a storm tonight that sent me to shelter for the first time in my adult life. I have never seen the wind so strong. I was really freaked out when I saw the trampoline fly away right before my very eyes. It flew over houses and ended up across the street and two houses down! It started in our high fenced back yard by the way. It was a sad trip home with the mangled mess. Spencer cried.

The gazebo the family gave me for mother's day also was destroyed, along with shingles, and siding.

Did I mention it was bolted into the concrete? I think it would have ended up in the next county if it had not been. You can see where the wind was so strong it bent the metal up from the concrete.

The neighbors tree across the street also took a hit, along with the neighbors house next to us. We suspect the trampoline hit the house in it's journey to Oz.

Thankfully, after the storm the clouds clear and the sun shines again.................

And God shows us the rainbow. All is well, and as my son Spencer said, "Mom, at least we are all safe, that is what counts."

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Jenny said...

Wow! Glad you were all okay. We lost a trampoline once the same way. Kaman arrived home in the middle of the storm and asked me where the trampoline was. It had flown away across a field, the highway, and into another field, the frame was reuined.