Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Easter egg hunt

When I was a kid we tried to focus on the Saviour and his sacrifice for us, and the resurrection on Easter, however, that does not always happen when all you can think about is what the Easter bunny has brought you and how much candy you can stuff in your mouth. Thankfully the Easter bunny was happy to comply and came on Saturday.
Now that I am grown we have the same tradition, so on Saturday morning my kids got up all sleepy eyed and excited. They were so excited at the eggs that had been left, and thought the bunny was so smart to give some money this year instead of all candy. Spencer was especially excited at how well the eggs had been hidden. "That tricky Easter bunny!" was heard repeatedly.
They also loved the baskets that were left.
On Sunday, we were able to go to church and worship. What a great holiday, I am so thankful for Christ and the greatest gift of all. Everlasting life

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