Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making Chrstmas cookies with Mom

Every year I love to make Christmas cookies for friends, family and neighbors. This year was no different except I had a little girl that wanted to help. Hey, thought I, she needs to learn she will be a mommy herself one day.

Donning an apron she looked too cute for words, and was so happy to be helping. My little cheeser.

Jordan had a little trouble with my big rolling pin, and frankly I didn't want to share, I had work to do. Luckily I remembered that a wonderful aunt had sent her a pint sized rolling pin with some other baking supplies. Getting it out was a great thing. It was just her size, kept her out of my hair and let her be creative in the rolling and cutting of sugar cookies.

See how happy she is. I love the flour on her face. Like mother, like daughter.

Cooking is a serious business. In the end Jordan was so proud of her hard work. She beamed as she showed Daddy when he came home from work.

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